Corporate Responsibility


We want to carry our responsibility for our shared environment. We have been actively involved with environmental issues for a long time and we have held the ISO 14001 environmental certificate since 2001. We have, for example, implemented several environmental projects to save water and to optimise transport and energy consumption. One of the cornerstones of our operation is to only use the exact amount of resources required.

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is and environmental management system with the aim to improve environmental work and make it more effective . The aim of the ISO 14001 standard is to continuously decrease the environmental impact of activities. By utilising this standard, we control the progress both the result and expenses of environmental work.

Using the standard, we can

  • survey and decrease the environmental impact of activities
  • set concrete environmental goals for the implementation of the improvements
  • create the basis for feasible communication concerning environmental work
  • implement an environmental management program to reach environmental goals
  • monitor the performance of the environmental work
  • continuously monitor and assess environmental work
  • implement further actions based on the monitoring and assessment
  • introduce control routines for environmental work