Corporate Responsibility

Food Safety

Aside from good taste, also safety is our absolute requirement for our products. All food, and snacks products we prepare, production lines, ingredients and processes are carefully inspected. We also  that we prepare. We also follow strict hygienic regulations concerning employees and visitors. Our extensive inspection procedure is based on the HACCP system.


HACCP  ( Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is a method of risk analysis, where specially defined critical control points are monitored at the factory. An example of this kind of control point is an x-ray and metal detector that our ready products go through before being sent to the consumers. This way we can prevent the passing on of the packages that contain, for example metal, rocks or other objects that do not belong there. Production lines are regularly inspected to reveal risks.

The central principles of the HACCP are

  • Regulations on the hygiene of the personnel
  • Cleaning routines of production machinery and facilities
  • Maintenance of production machinery and facilities
  • Pest control
  • Allergen control
  • The hygienic design of facilities and machinery
  • Reproducibility
  • Emergency plan
  • Training of personnel
  • In addition, other basic requirements depending on the type of production, such as e.g. regulations to the handling of glass and knives etc.


Consumers and our customers are very precise about what the food contains and what potential health effects they might have. To ensure that all Orkla units follow a stable and high-level food safety standard, the company has developed its own OFFS standard (Orkla Food Safety Standard). The OFSS standard is based on the BRC standard (British Retail Consortium) and sets the requirements for the entire organisation.

Main attention is given to critical control points and process control. All our employees have the important mission of following the standard and participating in its development. In addition to regular internal inspections, our operations are monitored with official OFSS audits regularly carried out by Orkla.